Winter is Coming

The world is Changing. Now quicker than ever. We see borders, strategies, tools, technologies, lifestyle choices, even beliefs becoming obsolete virtually overnight.

While the seasons are changing towards summer, in the course of our lives the sunny times are nearing an end. Winter is coming.

And winter means hard work. Tough decisions. Survival.

For us the choice is simple – we either sink or swim, evolve or die, adopt or perish. Because Winter is coming.

This project will not make this decision for you.

This project will not teach you how to think.

This project will not give you answers, it will merely underline the questions, point to the thinniess, where the fabric of reality is stretched to its limits, and it is possible to catch a glimpse of the truth. It will show you where to dig.

The actual Change is up to you. Remember: winter is coming.

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