A Dream of Spring


Good-byes are usually hard, but this one is not the case.

When this project started out this time last year, it was just us. Some twelve months, 2,000 posts and 75,000 followers later we believe it is safe to say there are many others who think like we do. This gives us hope that humanity is not as doomed as we thought it to be. Chances are it is not doomed at all.

It has to be mentioned that most of the above mentioned numbers came as a complete surprise to us. We never expected the ‘WiC’ to win so many hearts so quickly! It is your attention, likes and shares that have kept us going throughout this year.

While some of you had the same ideas as we did, for others our work was a wake-up call to maybe start considering a different point of view, manlier and more realistic – the Russian one.

As the winter of 2014/15 makes way for the spring we too make way for others. Reasons? At this point we have had our say on most of the key topics, and we hate to repeat ourselves. Last year was the time to do the talk, and now time has come to walk the walk.
This is by no means a farewell, we will no doubt meet in future projects.

At the moment we are proud to be living on the same planet with you. May your dream of spring come true, and see you all in summer.

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